Auto Washing

Hayes Auto Washing

Weekly washing is best because some contaminants quickly do serious long term damage to paint if they are allowed to remain. Hayes Detailing can assist you with your weekly washing tasks.  We remove bug remains and bird droppings,  these bio-hazards contain complex proteins that bond to the surface and organic acids that penetrate and break down the surface, eating into your clear coat if not removed promptly. Weak spots in the clear coat make your vehicle susceptible to corrosion and discoloration.

Hayes auto washing is a crisp, professional clean.  Say good bye to swirl marks that disfigure your vehicle.  Thorough weekly washes and careful hand-drying can be the best care you can give your vehicle. Improper techniques will cause unsightly swirls and scratches in the paint requiring compounding or polishing at the very least. You can eliminate these problems and save yourself extra work by following a few simple tips when washing and drying your vehicle.

Another problem contaminant is brake dust. It contains metal shavings from the rotors and adhesives used in the production of brake pads. Try to picture the dirty plume of brake dust and roadway chemicals that travels along with a moving vehicle. This fog of chemicals showers the lower portion of your vehicle with a clinging, nearly invisible mist. Brake dust itself, is highly corrosive and very sticky.

Washing your vehicle weekly will remove these contaminants before they have the opportunity to do unsightly permanent damage. Give us a call to see how regular washing cycles can extend the life of your paintjob.