Boat Storage

Looking for somewhere to keep your boat?

Hayes Detailing can store your boat for you. Whether it’s because winter is coming around or because you simply won’t be able to take it out for months on end, you’ll probably want to take your beloved watercraft out of the water. But the question is: where will you put it? Keeping your boat at the marina can be convenient, but is often prohibitively expensive. However, taking the boat home will require effort, take up space on your property, and leave it exposed to the elements.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor trailer storage, high-and-dry boat storage or a traditional storage unit large enough to house a boat, Hayes Detailing can store your boat and have it in tip top shape for the next boating season.

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Even though some storage facilities can help keep your boat clean and secure, routine maintenance and winterization (for longer periods of storage) are necessary to ensure your boat will run smoothly when it’s time to hit the water again. Hayes Detailing can maintain your boating investment so it will last for years to come.

Hayes Detailing maintenance includes time and materials to top off your gas tank and using a fuel stabilizer if you need us to store your boat away for a longer period of time.   Other services include changing the oil and remove any batteries powering electrical equipment inside the boat.  If you’re storing for more than two months, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry location. If you’re storing for more than six months, use a battery tender (also called a battery maintainer or charger) to make sure the battery will have enough charge to run when you finally take the boat out of storage.

Hayes Detailing and Boat Storage can help you insure your investment will continue making fond memories on the lake.

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