Deionized Water

Professional RV Washing, Polson Montana

Washing a vehicle can be a time-consuming task.  Let Hayes Detailing wash your RV on site, and on your schedule. Hayes RV Washing uses a unique Deionization process to ensure no water spots. Once the vehicle has been washed, it then becomes a mad scramble to dry the finish before droplets leave water spots. If the vehicle is a dark color and it’s parked in the sun, it requires even greater speed. A large RV takes this task to a whole new level.

Water spots occur when minerals in hard water remain after the water has evaporated. Even small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, and other minerals can leave water spots that etch your RV’s clearcoat and damage the finish.

Deionization utilizes special ion exchange resins that bind to and filter out the mineral salts from the water. The resulting water is so pure that there are no minerals in the water to leave any water spots.

For a perfect clean every time.  Give Hayes Detailing and RV washing a call.