About Us

In a small garage in Polson, MT Hayes Detailing began. Although its roots came as a necessity after the craziness of the financial crisis of 2008, the idea of this business has always been deeply rooted in our owner and founder Arnie Hayes. Just after high school, Arnie went to school at WyoTech for bodywork and painting. From there, he developed a keen eye for color and imperfections. Although life took him in different directions, he never lost that keen eye for detailing and restoring dirty vehicles back to their original luster.

So 2009, in a small town, in a small garage, a family started Hayes Detailing. Starting a detail business in a small town gives you many opportunities to clean every kind of vehicle, including boats. So, we learned quickly to adapt and problem-solve every situation we faced. Whether it’s learning that a pumice rock and compressed air are the best tools to remove dog hair; or that window cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks as a detailer. We continued to learn and grow our knowledge and soon a new opportunity came along.

In 2014 Hayes Detailing received a phone call from Polson Motorcoach Resort asking if we have ever washed motorcoaches…we had not. But with that phone call a new passion was born, detailing motorcoaches. The first and most difficult lesson to learn when washing motorcoaches is that it’s all about the water. So we invested in a water system that deionizes the water; allowing us to wash motorcoaches without leaving any spots on the hot, windy days when the water dried too fast to wipe away.

Along with motorcoaches, Hayes Detailing expanded into an upholstery shop. Just like detailing, upholstery work came out of necessity. While working with boats we found a need to repair, reupholster and even rebuild the interior of many boats we came across. So, we began upholstery work, first with boats, boat covers, and biminis; and then expanding into auto upholstery.

As work expanded at our shop, Hayes Detailing added yet another service for their growing customers, mobile detailing. While the need for washing motorcoaches started in Polson, it expanded to Missoula, Lakeside, Kalispell, Columbia Falls, and Glacier.

Learning to mobile wash motorcoaches, Hayes Detailing found another opportunity down in Indio, CA during the winter months. Several motorcoach resorts reside in Indio which allowed us to continue to wash as many motorcoaches as we could get our hands on.

With our experience with motorcoaches growing, and our owner’s superior knowledge of paint from WyoTech, Hayes Detailing added another service: cut, buff, and ceramic coating motorcoaches. We have learned so much from the many projects we have taken on, but without a doubt cutting and buffing a motorcoach down to a glass finish and coating it in quality ceramic produces the most brilliant shine we have ever seen.

Thank you for checking out our family business, we look forward to what the future will bring and can’t wait to see where our business will go next.

Hayes Detailing