Boat Services

Gel coat is a unique medium, harder and thicker than automotive or motorcoach paint. So, naturally, you have to treat it a little differently to get out scratches and bring back shine.

At Hayes Detailing we offer many services for detailing boats that include not only exterior but interior as well:


  • Remove everything in the boat (i.e. life jackets, skis, wakeboards, trash, etc) and put them in bags.
  • Remove and powerwash all buttoned-down mats
  • Vacuum
  • Clean and wipe down the interior
  • Clean vinyl
  • Apply protectant to vinyl
  • Windows


  • Acid wash to remove scum and hard water
  • Remove tar, sap, and dock marks
  • Remove oxidation
  • Scratch removal
  • Wax
  • Wash and wax the trailer
  • Clean, polish wheels/ tire shine
  • Windows

Come check out the Equipment We Use section to see what waxes, acids, brushes, and equipment we use.

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